Digital Cinema Media tackles advertising misconceptions

Digital Cinema Media tackles advertising misconceptions
2022's The Fabelmans (Credit: DCM)

Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has released a whitepaper to break down the medium’s perceived “effectiveness barriers”.

Cinema Effectiveness Roadmap, written by insight consultant Anna Sampson, aims to tackle the perception that cinema is a stand-alone brand-building medium unsuitable for brands and agencies focused on performance marketing.

The report lays out evidence for the complementary role that cinema can play in the broader media mix and available data and measurement options, alongside case studies of advertisers including Wagamama, Cancer Research UK and Deliveroo using cinema advertising for brand and performance outcomes.

Michael Tull, insight director at DCM, said: “With an increasing number of agencies and clients adopting a ‘performance mindset’ to brand-building, we have been conscious that cinema is not always perceived as easy-to-measure as other digital options.

“However, cinema is an incredibly accountable channel, easily measured by brand uplift studies for the soft metrics and able to provide the necessary granular ticket data needed for econometric analysis.

“Advertisers with rigorous measurement mindsets such as McDonald’s, Sky and Google see cinema as a core channel, so it’s certainly not the case that measurement should be a barrier to investment.

“We hope this roadmap paper will be an invaluable source for agencies and clients to reassure and provide clear guidance on how the impact of cinema within the media mix can be measured.”

Cinema has grown its advertiser count by 7% year on year and revenue by 5%.

Cinema Effectiveness Roadmap is a free resource available on DCM’s website.

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