Dentsu: we can now marry attention optimisation with carbon reduction

Dentsu: we can now marry attention optimisation with carbon reduction

Dentsu UK&I has announced an update to its Effective Attention offer, which will now include dentsu’s proprietary media carbon calculator data.

Effective Attention, which launched in April 2022, enables brands to target audience attention. The new feature will now offer clients insights into the carbon effect of digital advertising campaigns.

Dentsu describes Effective Attention as an essential offering for Carat, iProspect, and dentsu X clients; the new integration of carbon measurement will aid media decarbonisation efforts.

This is believed to be is the first time an agency group has announced a methodology for planning to optimise for attention and lower carbon at the same time. The Media Leader understands similar work is also being undertaken by other media-buying agency groups.

“Marrying our Effective Attention innovation with dentsu’s media carbon calculator data marks an important next step in our journey to help brands meet their sustainability and carbon targets through sustainable routes to media activation,” Hamish Nicklin, CEO, Media, dentsu UK&I, said.

“Expending energy on something that won’t be seen is an obvious waste, but we’ve gone a step further than simply calculating the carbon cost of attention to understand the carbon contribution associated with the actual effect of that attention. This is based on our knowledge that not all attention is equal, and to maximise positive outcomes for brands and society.”

The calculator has been added to the Effective Attention live dashboard, which is powered by attention measurement company Lumen Research.

Mike Follett, managing director of Lumen and columnist for The Media Leader, applauded the addition.

“Lumen is really pleased to partner with dentsu to expose this important new view into the carbon cost of cognition for brands,” he said. “It’s broader in scope and deeper in value than any else out there, leveraging everything that dentsu has learned about the connection between attention and outcomes from five years of the Attention Economy programme.”

This integration of carbon measurement is part of Phase III of dentsu’s journey toward media decarbonisation. Dentsu states it is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2040 and reducing the emissions associated with its media supply chain by 46% by 2030.

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