Brand Advance pivots to diversity media ownership with FAST channels

Brand Advance pivots to diversity media ownership with FAST channels

Brand Advance Group, the diversity media network, is launching FAST channels on connected TV devices in Europe and Latin America next year.

The channels, which are launching in the first quarter of 2024 in partnership with Samsung TV and Paramount’s Pluto TV, form part of Brand Advance’s “pivot” towards diversity media ownership.

One is LGBTQ+ channel Pride.TV, a partnership with OutTV Europe, while two channels are being launched: GenB, a lifestyle and entertainment channel catering to “the new Generation Black”; and GenHX, which aims to “bring the rich tapestry of Hispanic Food, Music, and Culture to life for today’s Latin Community”.

Brand Advance Group has also announced that it wants to connect with content creators for its FAST channels, both with current content they wish to monetise and also creators with Ideas they wish to produce.

‘Different direction for 2024’

The pivot to diversity media ownership takes the business in a “slightly different direction across 2024”, founder Christopher Kenna said, as the company undertakes a commitment in seven online publications:

GenB Magazine; GenB USA; GenHX Magazine; Included Magazine; HypeQ Magazine; Chapterz Magazine; and Chapterz USA.

Founder Christopher Kenna launched Brand Advance in 2018 as a “diversity media network” with the aim of connecting advertisers with under-served audiences. Kenna, an Armed Forces veteran, had previously spent a decade working in production, out-of-home, and then in media sales at Gay Times.

Since then, BA Group has opened an office in the US, with Kenna at the helm in that market as well as becoming global chairman. Earlier this year Deborah Gbadamosi was appointed EMEA CEO.

Kenna said: “2023 has been a year of change and growth for the whole Brand Advance Group. We are all excited for the evolution of the company and building something truly special — a media company that truly lives by our principle ‘Nothing about us without us.'”

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