Bloomberg Media’s monthly deep-dive: Policymakers

Bloomberg Media’s monthly deep-dive: Policymakers
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Bloomberg Media brings you an audience deep-dive each month delivering focused intelligence on content engagement, consumption patterns, key takeaways and opportunities, helping you form strategies that connect your messages with deeply engaged business leaders.

This month’s Audience Insight from Bloomberg Media focuses on Policymakers.

On Bloomberg.com, policymakers have their eyes laser focused on macroeconomic issues, tech concerns, and societal challenges. They are 6.8 times more likely to engage with content on household debt, 1.7 times more likely to engage with cybersecurity, and 2.8 times more likely to engage with workforce diversity than the average reader (source: BloombergAiQ, Industry: government. Seniority: Business Decision Makers. Global, 2022.)

Policymaking requires this audience to answer the toughest questions from society, and they are struggling to earn trust from the public. This month’s insight demonstrates that the largest effort needs to be made with Gen Z – the most likely generation to believe the government has the largest responsibility to change the world (source: Bloomberg Media #ChangeTheWorld Report 2022). That represents a critical shift for culture and commerce as governments meet this increasing expectation.

I hope this month’s insight is useful for your own research and planning.

Read the Policymakers Insight here.

These timely audience insights leverage data and insights from Bloomberg Intelligence, a team of 350+ global research professionals, BloombergAiQ, our proprietary audience and content analysis platform, and Bloomberg Brand Accelerator, which to date has measured 15,000+ global decision-makers’ perceptions of 700+ brands to define brand Vision, Strength, Trust, Relevance and Familiarity. 

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