Black Friday: who to target?

Black Friday: who to target?

Retailers are gearing themselves up for a challenging Christmas after a year which no one could have envisaged, planned or budgeted for.

With Black Friday fast approaching this week, and Cyber Monday the following, many online retailers are already in the midst of at least a week of special offers to entice shoppers to their websites and part consumers from their cash.

Mediatel Connected recently released a whitepaper, “The Positive Impact of Online Shopping”, which focused on the patterns and behaviours of online shoppers by age, as well as the societal and personal impact consumers in the UK believe ecommerce has on their lives.

Whilst so much advertising, as is so often the case, appears to be targeting the younger age groups for online shopping, the actual behaviour and opinions of older generations towards ecommerce may surprise. Armed with the insights from the whitepaper, perhaps retailers may consider tailoring more relevant messages towards this age profile.

After all, this is 2020 and the usual rule book does not apply.

Download the free whitepaper to read more, or subscribers to Mediatel Connected can dig directly into the data in the Consumer Surveys app.

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