BARB reveals Netflix overnight and consolidated viewing data

BARB reveals Netflix overnight and consolidated viewing data

BARB subscribers can now see overnight and consolidated viewing data for Netflix in the UK.

Overnight data will include live and viewed on same day as live (VOSDAL) viewing, and consolidated viewing will show viewing in 7-day, 28-day or any user-defined period.

BARB will also extend its weekly reporting and provide “a definitive report” of the top 50 most-watched shows on its website, including the three leading subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) providers; Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Netflix, along with all broadcast channels.

Justin Sampson, BARB CEO, said of the update: “As our viewing figures for Netflix become more public, it’s clear the leading SVOD service is a settled part of the television ecosystem. And our independent data will clarify how Netflix and other SVOD services compete with broadcasters, who continue to account for the lion’s share of viewing.”

The first report of the most-watched shows across linear and on-demand services during the week ending 6 November will be accessible on 15 November, and the second report covering the week ending 13 November will be available on 22 November.

The latter report is set to include viewing of Netflix’s fifth series of The Crown which is set to launch on 9 November. Consolidated viewing data will soon be made available in Mediatel Connected.

David Cloudsdale, cofounder of TV insights company Adalyser, said: “Finally we will be able to take a peek behind the curtain. Is this where all those hard-to-reach younger audiences have been hiding? Being able to compare Netflix to ITVX to All4 to ITV1 to Sky Max feels like a big moment for commercial broadcasters, AVOD platforms and advertisers.

“We’ve reached the point where theories, suspicions and gut feelings can be calculated, quantified, ranked and reported on a daily basis.”

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