BARB: Disney+ and Apple TV+ gain while other SVOD drops

Disney+ and Apple TV+ gain while other SVOD drops

Disney+ and Apple TV “bucked” the trend of subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services losing subscribers with small quarterly gains over the last quarter, according to BARB’s Establishment Survey Data for Q2 2022.

The Disney-owned streaming service increased its subscriptions from 6.53 million homes in Q1 to 6.62 million homes in Q2, of just over 1%.

Over the same period, Apple TV+ was up by almost 3% to 1.61 million.

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Sky’s NOW all saw quarterly drops in the number of UK homes that accessed their services.

A total of 17.08 million homes had access to Netflix in Q2, a decrease of 206,000 on the previous quarter.

For Amazon Prime Video, that number stood at 12.76 million homes representing a decrease of 589,000 or 4% from Q1 2022.

NOW could be accessed in 2.07 million homes in Q2, but this was a decline of 64,000 or almost 3% from 2.13 million homes at the beginning of this year.

Overall, there was a drop of 382,000 or almost 2% quarter-on-quarter in the total number of UK homes that had access to an SVOD service. The figure now stands at 19.19 million UK homes or 67% of households, compared to 19.57 million in Q1 2022.

Justin Sampson, BARB’s chief executive, said: “Our latest data confirm other sources which have reported declining subscription levels for SVOD services during the first half of 2022.

“We don’t ask households why they choose to add or drop subscriptions, although the sharp increase in energy prices in March/April must have been a catalyst for people to review all their monthly outgoings. The numbers we report today show SVOD services aren’t immune as households work hard to make ends meet.”


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