Are we in a golden age of audio? With Radiocentre CEO Matt Payton

Are we in a golden age of audio? With Radiocentre CEO Matt Payton
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Commercial radio has been growing its lead over the BBC in weekly reach and share of radio listening over the past year, and in tandem with the growing popularity of podcasts, audio is having a moment.

According to last quarter’s Rajar radio audience data, combined commercial radio stations reached a total of 38.7 million people every week during the first three months of the year and its share of listening grew to 51.4%.

Radiocentre CEO Matt Payton joins lead audio reporter Ella Sagar and host Jack Benjamin to discuss the past, present and future of the medium. The trio discuss the post-pandemic ascendancy of commercial radio, the need to innovate audio measurement tools and standards, and hurdles and opportunities in getting the upcoming Media Bill passed through parliament.

“The easy trap to fall into is to sort of talk about the good old days,” said Payton. “Whereas actually, right now, radio and audio we think is stronger than ever. Stronger than ever in terms of audiences, in terms of revenues last year. So it’s taking this moment and saying, look, we’re in a bit of a golden age of audio, so let’s think about building on the innovation, developments up until now and focus on the future.”

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