Alton Towers attracts thrill-seekers with 3D campaign marking return of Nemesis

Alton Towers attracts thrill-seekers with 3D campaign marking return of Nemesis

Alton Towers has launched a disruptive anamorphic 3D digital OOH campaign to promote Nemesis Reborn, an upgrade of its previous Nemesis ride.

The campaign will run for two weeks across large- and small-format screens in shopping centres, cinemas, motorway services and roadside locations within a two-hour drive to the theme park.

It uses anamorphic 3D to show Nemesis’ claws and tentacles breaking through a fake perfume ad. In standard 3D campaigns, the 3D element is only visible from a specific position, but the technology in this campaign allows the 3D content to be experienced from multiple angles.

Becky Hulme, account director at GroupM OOH, which worked on the campaign along with Wavemaker, DOOH.com and TBWA\MCR, said: “This campaign epitomises the fusion of technology and creativity within OOH advertising, delivering the ultimate wow factor.

“By strategically selecting prime locations, we’ve ensured that the standout creative reaches thrill-seekers where they live and work. The buzz generated by this campaign is set to extend its reach through word of mouth and social media shares, amplifying its impact even further.”

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