UK PSB streaming service Freely launches

UK PSB streaming service Freely launches

Freely, the streaming service backed by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, launched on Tuesday.

Operated by Everyone TV, Freely allows audiences to stream live TV channels alongside on-demand content for free via smart TVs, without a dish or an aerial.

It is the first time all four UK public-service broadcasters (PSBs) have collaborated on a streaming proposition.

Everyone TV has confirmed that STV and S4C, the public-service broadcasters for Scotland and Wales respectively, will also make their channels and on-demand content available on Freely via broadband.

Meanwhile, TiVo will also be offering Freely as part of its TiVo OS platform. Hisense and Vestel were previously announced as Freely’s smart TV partners.

Kieran Clifton, director, distribution and business development, at the BBC, said: “The launch of Freely is a historic moment for UK television. Collaboration between the UK PSBs is critical to connecting and protecting all audiences as we transition towards the streaming era — and delivering live TV over broadband for free is a groundbreaking innovation that will future-proof public-service broadcasting.”

Plans of the PSB proposition was first announced in September 2023. Brand identity for Freely was revealed three months later and in February it was confirmed that Freely would be rolled out in Q2.

Does Freely offer something different to advertisers?

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