Shift to hyper-local geolocation among key themes in OOH in 2024

Shift to hyper-local geolocation among key themes in OOH in 2024
Credit: Outsmart

A new GroupM report has set out five key themes to watch in the UK OOH sector this year, including a bigger shift towards hyper-local geolocation.

Out of Home: The Year Ahead 2024 by WPP’s media arm predicted that the UK OOH market will grow by 6.5% in 2024.

The study estimated that UK OOH grew 8% in 2023 amid continued investments into new inventory by media owners.

The five themes are: real-world power; real-time resonance; hyper-local geolocation; proof of purpose; and resurgence of humour.

Real-world power

OOH advertising has an opportunity to capitalise on the growing importance of meaningful audience interactions in an uncertain political and economic environment.

With pent-up demand post-Covid leading to a surge in real-world activities for consumers, OOH has a vital role to play, reaching more than 97% of the weekly audience as commuting and travel return.

Real-time resonance

Brands can influence consumer actions directly with the combination of real-world engagement and real-time data.

Dynamic and automated creative activation, alongside significant growth expected in programmatic OOH, will support the sector’s growth.

Hyper-local geolocation

The report predicts a bigger shift towards hyper-local geolocation targeting amid stricter privacy regulations and the eventual demise of cookies, because OOH does not rely on personal identifiable data.

Another opportunity in 2024 is the inclusion of more agency and advertiser first-party data.

Proof of purpose

Consumers increasingly expect brands to stand for environmental and social causes. With 46% of OOH revenues going back to local authorities and communities to help fund infrastructure and services, the medium is well-placed to make a positive impact.

Resurgence of humour

Consumers are turning to humour against a backdrop of high cost of living and negative news. Cannes Lions’ introduction of a humour category at this year’s event reflects this.

OOH can provide a wide canvas for brands to explore humour and playfulness in their campaigns.

Nicole Lonsdale, chief client officer at GroupM’s OOH division, said: “OOH’s traditional strengths such as real-world reach, public trust in the medium and inclusive nature, along with its inherent sustainability and contribution to public utilities, are perfectly aligned with changing consumer behaviour.

“At the same time, new technology such as programmatic, AR [augmented reality] and automated creative activation are offering new opportunities for advertisers both in terms of creativity and through more contextual opportunities lower down the sales funnel.”

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