Nearly half of media pros will move jobs in next six months

Nearly half of media pros will move jobs in next six months
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Media professionals on the lookout for new jobs are dissatisfied with their lower and slower-growing salaries.


New statistics from the 2023 Creative Industries Census show that by the end of the year, almost half of all media professionals will change jobs — with the majority switching roles in search of job security, increased salary or improved career progression.

This, coupled with the fact that a recent parliamentary report states that the UK’s creative industries need progressive policies and support if they’re to continue to flourish, creates a labour market unlike any other, with high demand and rising job opportunities mixing with a dissatisfied workforce seeking opportunity.

Millions of creative jobs

There are currently 2.3 million creative jobs in the UK, accounting for 6.9% of all jobs — yet support for the sector is said to be waning.

At Risk: Our Creative Future, a report by the House of Lords Digital and Communications Committee, warns of missed opportunities and a failure among senior government figures to recognise and support the sector’s commercial potential.

Prior to the pandemic, the UK’s creative industries were worth more than £115bn — that’s more than aerospace, life sciences and the car industries combined, with global exports of creative services doubling in the 10 years from 2010 to exceed £1tn in 2020.

However, as the sector becomes increasingly more competitive, skilled workers are becoming harder to hang on to, with workers enjoying the demand that comes from their unique skill sets and ability to negotiate for higher salaries, as well as more comprehensive non-financial benefits and flexibility.

Demand is growing

While demand for media professionals continues to grow, the fact remains that while salaries are growing, it is at a lower rate than other, more traditional sectors. This is contributing to the high rates of dissatisfaction among media professionals.

The 2023 Creative Industries Census shows that while creative salaries are rising year on year — by 6% for permanent staff, and 3% for freelancers, with 87% of workers earning less than £80k per annum — they are still lower than the national average, which in 2022 was 7.2%.

As a result, it’s hardly any surprise that media pros are looking to find better paid and more sustainable roles within their sector.

If you’re looking to move jobs, the Mediatel Job Board is the perfect place to start. It’s filled with dozens of media companies currently hiring, with opportunities across all sectors and experience levels, like the three roles below.

QA manager, Apple

The Role: As QA manager with Apple you will work closely with wider teams to understand feature designs, technical implementation details, and business requirements.

The Responsibilities: You will work with the wider AMP Growth Marketing team and be responsible for building the platform and services that enable communicating with millions of subscribers every day, across services such as Apple Music and Apple TV+.

The Requirements: Experience owning an SQA or software development team while managing projects and processes multi-functionally is required. You will also be comfortable working in a constantly evolving and dynamic environment.

Apply for the QA Manager role or find more jobs at Apple.

Website editor, Interactive Investor

The Role: The website editor will play a key role in creating high performing end-to-end customer journeys and ensuring consistency in design, content and UX across the website.

The Responsibilities: You’ll brief and build high performing landing pages to acquire new customers, supporting paid and organic campaigns, and will develop engaging and compelling website copy and design.

The Requirements: You’ll need an ability to create website copy and content to a high standard, to understand SEO and CRO best practices and have experience of building and optimising landing pages.

Apply for the website editor role or browse all available roles at Interactive Investor.

Media planning senior executive, ITV Jobs

The Role: As a media planning senior executive with ITV Jobs you will have a strong focus on transforming video on demand (VOD) into a key marketing tool.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for overseeing the efficient execution of VOD plans, managing VOD systems, and producing regular measurement reports, working closely with other teams to identify cross-promotional opportunities.

The Requirements: You will have a proven experience of working in a VOD environment, understanding the editorial, operational, and commercial demands with experience of planning and managing VOD inventory.

View more on this media planning senior executive role or explore career opportunities at ITV Jobs.

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