Mets bet on behind-the-scenes content to boost brand, fanbase

Mets bet on behind-the-scenes content to boost brand, fanbase

The New York Mets are swinging for the fences, but not just on the field. Despite a challenging season, the team is looking to expand its reach and connect with a wider audience through a new production deal with Range Media Partners.

What goes on behind the scenes

This isn’t just about entertaining existing fans with game highlights. The Mets are aiming to create content that introduces the team and its players to a whole new generation of viewers, those who might not have considered themselves Mets fans before. The content will delve into the off-field world of the team, showcasing player personalities, the unique culture of Mets fandom, and even what the players get up to during the offseason.

Transform the team into a full-fledged sports and entertainment business

This strategy is all part of Mets owner Steve Cohen’s vision to transform the team into a full-fledged sports and entertainment business. The idea is to connect with fans beyond just the regular season games, offering content, events, and experiences that keep fans engaged year-round. Mets President of Business Operations M. Scott Havens sees a huge opportunity in this off-field storytelling. He believes there’s just as much interest in the human stories, struggles, and personal lives of players and coaches as there is in what happens on the field.

The deal with Range Media Parners isn’t the first for the Mets. The team previously partnered with Range in 2021 on a brand-boosting initiative. This new venture will kick off with short-form digital content and could potentially involve collaborations with Range’s A-list clients, musicians, and influencers who might be Mets fans themselves. The hope is that this new content strategy will not only build a larger fanbase but also create new revenue streams through sponsorships and partnerships. It’s a gamble, but one the Mets seem willing to take as they look to expand their brand and connect with fans in a whole new way. 

Mets owner and hedge fund manager Steve Cohen is a minority investor in Range through his Point72 Ventures fund. A+E Networks, John Malone’s Liberty Global, and private equity billionaire David Bonderman of TPG are also investors.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news. 

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