Mediatel completes rebrand to Adwanted UK

Mediatel completes rebrand to Adwanted UK

We are pleased to announce that Mediatel as of today has rebranded to Adwanted UK, writes CEO Greg Grimmer.

Mediatel has been on an incredible journey since it began as a small media data and news provider. As renowned trailblazers, we’ve delivered innovation and transformation that has given lasting benefits to the advertising and media sector.

This rightly earnt us a respected position in the UK media industry as a key provider of essential services from tech and data, to news and events.

But, in order for us to achieve our international ambitions, you may be aware we joined Adwanted Group in March 2021 — a business with a complementary portfolio of products to ours in both the US and France.

The last two years have been a textbook example of how to integrate a company into a larger group and I am proud to say that we have retained all of our key talent and incorporated Mediatel’s core values into the wider group.

This new phase brings the businesses across Adwanted Group closer together, each benefitting from the collective expertise, shared tech, and extensive networks to create even better services for our clients.

Becoming Adwanted UK marks a new era that will usher in additional products and services that help achieve our company’s goal of being the advertising industry’s Number-One destination for tech and information.

A number of you will have met Adwanted Group’s CEO, Emmanuel Debuyck at various events over the last couple of years, And I hope we can continue to introduce you to our French and American colleagues and products in the future.

If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Greg Grimmer is CEO of Adwanted UK, publisher of The Media Leader (which itself rebranded from Mediatel News in February 2022). 


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