Media 3.0: The Future of Media 2023 theme revealed

Media 3.0: The Future of Media 2023 theme revealed

The Future of Media

We are excited to launch The Future of Media 2023, our flagship event in partnership with Adwanted Events. If Media 2.0 is defined by the emergence of the Internet and digital technologies, what defines the next era — Media 3.0? Senior content manager Sam Tidmarsh unveils the vision behind the 2023 edition.

We stand at a pivotal juncture after a two-decade era of online advertising fuelled by widespread consumer adoption and the allure of third-party cookies.

We have harnessed the power of connectivity, enabling personalised experiences and engagement. Media consumption, production, and distribution has evolved and fragmented, driven by technological advancements and the growing influence of digital platforms.

But our industry is changing. As Nick Manning recently wrote in The Media Leader, “the seemingly unstoppable internet juggernaut has reached a critical crossroads”.

The era of relevance and interactivity

We have the opportunity to embrace advanced data and analytics, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing, to enhance the world of media around us, from buyside campaign planning optimisation to personalised audience participation on media properties.

Media 3.0 will be an era where first-party data is privacy-compliant. With continued ad signal loss, Media 3.0 can carve out a new relationship with the consumer — where privacy is a right, with a clear value exchange, enhancing targeting and personalisation.

There are already green shoots in the convergence of different media formats in dynamic and immersive ways, including omnichannel retail media solutions that mix digital and offline channels to deliver business outcomes.

And we are likely to see a world where creativity and media and more united than ever, as the market evolves away from one that is led by pure data, towards effectiveness.

Questions we will ask

At The Future of Media, we will look for answers and solutions on how to thrive in the transition to the Media 3.0 era, including making the most of the emerging channels buoyed by strong advertiser sentiment and investment.

We’ll find out: What are going to be the disruptive technologies and how are they going to manifest themselves? Are advertisers equipped to make the most effective decisions? Can commercial media owners continue to rely solely on advertising? Are agencies positioned to deliver what clients need? And who will be the winners and losers?

To help us achieve these lofty goals, we’ll embrace four core principles: disruption, innovation, courage, and excellence. These four values will act as our guiding force, ensuring we take control of the future of the commercial media industry.

The future of media is in our hands; we hold the key to its future. The possibilities to thrive in the transition are boundless, and it is up to us to pioneer a new chapter.

Sam Tidmarsh is senior content manager at Adwanted Events. Adwanted is the publisher of The Media Leader.

Set across two days (11-12 October), The Future of Media is the UK’s number-one thought-leadership conference for commercial media professionals and every corner of the ecosystem is represented, including media owners, media agencies, advertisers, and technology providers.  

With 100+ speakers, 600+ attendees, three stages, 20+ hours of content, 10+ hours of networking, the event is focused on enhancing our commercial media ecosystem and defining the future. It takes place in Convene, in the City of London, our regular events space.

Find out more on The Future of Media website.


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