How AI may impact creative roles

How AI may impact creative roles
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Rather than be seen as a threat, many see AI as a potential useful tool that could help with creativity and workload.

The recent explosion of generative AI has opened up a fresh universe of creativity, where simple prompts can lead to fascinating creations across text, image and video.

There is much debate over the end product of artistic AI and what role the creator plays in it. But when it comes to creative roles, experts believe AI can augment great work already being done.

Earlier this year, James Parker, chief solutions officer at the digital marketing company Jellyfish, told The Media Leader: “I think [AI] would help scale the amazing and precious creativity our industry’s art directors, designers, and copywriters have, rather than replacing them.”

Creative minds

As a creative worker, you can dream up countless ideas.

Generative AI, on the other hand, can’t come up with ideas on its own. AI art generators like DALL-E 2 and Midjourney and text platforms such as ChatGPT create work based on prompts, which are based on huge volumes of information they have been fed by humans.

Creating an advertising or media strategy that’s entirely based on generative AI would mean losing the originality that is essential for the modern environment. It’s going to be missing the personal experience and knowledge that only a human can bring.

Plus, while you could write a basic article or pitch via AI, you can’t rely on the facts to always be correct.

How AI can help

In a recent report on AI, Goldman Sachs predicted that 26% of current work tasks in the arts, design, entertainment, sports and media sectors could be automated by AI in Europe and the US.

AI could be used for things like monitoring processes, identifying objects and documenting information.

Make generative AI work for you

AI can help with chatbots and A/B testing, voice recognition and data analysis.

If a creative needs to collate and parse data to find patterns or trends, AI can be a huge help with this.

Out of the data can come inspiration, because as a creative, unlike AI you have the power to dream.

AI can be a creative tool, like how Ogilvy Paris used DALL-E2 to create an extended version of Vermeer’s work The Milkmaid, while Heinz used it to create artistic impressions of its iconic ketchup bottle.

How creatives can shine

Generative AI can help free up time, leaving you space to dream rather than poring over data.

According to 30-plus year media veteran Rob Davis (a former Starcom executive, and current CMO and president of NOVUS) who’s led campaigns for heavy-hitters including McDonald’s, Kellogg, and Disney Theme parks, AI won’t replace human-led strategy –– but may enhance it.

His take is that generative AI can give advertisers an edge, by doing things like helping allocate media budgets across channels, audiences and geographies, based on a specific set of rules.

He sees it being used to adjust advertising budgets automatically to hit KPIs; build richer audience profiles, and find trends and correlations that would be hard for humans to do at scale.

Davis also suggests you could use it to gain insight into competitors’ ad spend and strategies.

He says it could help creatives create ad copy and also hyper-personalise messages and images to individual consumers –– and to predict ad performance before launching campaigns.

Overall, marketers could use AI to help them experiment, test ideas, and build on their own knowledge to create something exciting.

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You’ll work with gameplay coders, artists and designers to create engaging and fun AI behaviours from prototype to final.

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The role will include leading the video team across the UK and US, and being responsible for growing audiences across The Sun’s own channels and its off platform channels, including YouTube and TikTok.

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Senior data scientist, platform, Spotify, London

Streaming platform Spotify is looking for a senior data scientist to join its platform team.

The ideal hire would have five-plus years’ of working experience, with a degree in statistics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics, or any other quantitative field.

You should also be good at communicating, as well as mentoring and guiding others.

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