Five ways to find your next media role in a tough market

Five ways to find your next media role in a tough market
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With fewer jobs this year and bigger competition for what’s available, you’re going to need some new job hunting tricks to add to your arsenal.

If an older member of your family has ever suggested that the best way to get a new job is simply to drop into a company you’d like to work for, clutching a paper CV in your eager hand, you’ll know the pain that is the inter-generational divide around job hunting.

It simply doesn’t work that way anymore, and it hasn’t for, well, quite some time.

Recruitment has changed, irrevocably. It’s 2023, and jobs are not only applied for online, but increasingly, the recruitment process happens via video calls too, with a 2021 study by Indeed finding that 82% of employers now conduct virtual interviews.

And each year adds some new curveballs into the mix. There’s a new professional platform to join and maintain a presence on, or a new must-attend industry event you’ve got to be at for the networking opportunities.

2023 is no different. As we exit the pandemic-fuelled excess of jobs that drove the previously tight labour market, layoffs are biting. Ad tech firms such as Taboola, Infosum and Viant all laid off staff last year and GroupM confirmed redundancies across the US and EMEA in January.

Job cuts and belt-tightening at big tech companies such as Meta and Google are likely to knock into agency spend too. So with fewer jobs this year and bigger competition for what’s available, you’re going to need some new job hunting tricks to add to your arsenal.

Discover five new ways to get a job in 2023 below.

1.   Get ChatGPT to do the work

It’s the fastest-growing app of all time, according to research from UBS, which estimates that ChatGPT had 100 million active users in January. This generative AI tool has taken the world by storm, and has firmly placed artificial intelligence into mainstream consciousness. One of its under-sung uses is as a tool to help accelerate your job hunt.

ChatGPT can compare your CV with a job ad, re-writing it for that specific role. It can create cover letter templates, generate ideas for questions you may be asked at a particular type of interview, and even generate useful questions you can ask when the dreaded, “so, do you have anything to ask us?” is raised

2.   Use bespoke job boards

Drilling down into job sites which can contain millions of roles, many of which aren’t relevant to you, is a lot of work. That’s when a bespoke job board is a great idea, allowing you to easily see relevant media and media-adjacent companies and agencies with vacancies. One such is The Media Leader Job Board, which contains hundreds of interesting and exciting career opportunities.

3.   Join freelancing platforms

If you’re thinking about making a move this year, but want to put an exit strategy in place first, dipping your toe into freelancing can be a great way to secure not only clients, but also extra experience you may not be getting in your nine-five. Look at Upwork, Malt and Fiverr, all of which allow you to offer your services, and find work on a project-by-project basis.

4.   Look into referral programs

An underutilised area of recruitment, many companies have employee referral programs where current employees can refer candidates for job openings — and get a nice cash bonus if their suggested hire is taken on. Connect with your contacts both on and offline and see if you’ve got mutuals at companies you are interested in, who may well be keen to refer you.

5.   Make an online portfolio

Not just the province of videographers and photographers, copywriters, content creators and digital marketers should also think about creating a regularly-updated online portfolio too. Having a playbook of your work is a quick win — it is a great way to stand out to potential employers, it showcases your abilities in a snack-sized, visual way and gives reassurance that you can definitely do the job.

Ready to look for a new job now? Discover three companies with open roles below, as well as thousands more on the Mediatel Job Board.


Sky has a range of roles available at its Osterley Campus, a 10-minute walk from Syon Lane train station. Perks on campus include 13 subsidised restaurants, cafés, and a Waitrose. There is also a subsidised gym, a cinema, car wash and a beauty salon. The company is seeking inventive, forward-thinking minds to come together to work across tech, product and data at Sky. Current roles include UI/UX developers and front end developers. See all open roles here.


Despite bans of the app on government devices in the US, EU and Australia, TikTok is forging  ahead. It remains the leading destination for short-form mobile video and with a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy. The platform is a home for creative expression through videos that create a genuine, inspiring, and joyful experience. Available roles include ecommerce billing specialists, customer experience and more. See all job opportunities now.


Roku pioneered streaming to the TV, connecting users to the streaming content they love, enabling content publishers to build and monetise large audiences, and providing advertisers with unique capabilities to engage consumers. Working here is all about creating a TV experience people love, with the best content, a simple user experience and great value. Jobs are available now in Cardiff, Manchester and Cambridge. Discover a role to suit here.

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