Peter Field

Having graduated from Cambridge, Peter Field spent 15 years as an account planner during which time he authored two IPA Effectiveness Awards papers including a Gold for Hofmeister. For almost two decades he has pursued consultancy and training roles. He judged the Awards in 1998. He set up the IPA Effectiveness Awards Databank and he contributed a chapter to The Sage Handbook of Advertising that drew heavily on the data from it. Examining the Databank more closely with Les Binet later in 2007, he co-authored Marketing in the Era of Accountability. In 2008 he went on to co-author Brand Immortality with Hamish Pringle, which also draws on the same data. In 2010 he authored The Link between Creativity and Effectiveness, which brings together the IPA Databank and the Gunn Report database of creativity to provide the most robust assessment yet of the value of creativity. He regularly writes and speaks about marketing effectiveness. In 2006 he was elected an Honorary Fellow of the IPA.