Pauline Robson

Pauline is a Managing Partner at MediaCom. She has been at the agency since 2007, and has headed up MediaCom’s multi-award winning insight team since 2010. She is passionate about understanding what makes people tick and using that insight to inform great work for clients. She loves exploring new methodologies and combining different approaches to get a really deep understanding of an audience. In her time at MediaCom she has worked on a wide range of clients briefs across many different categories. Pauline now heads up Blink UK, MediaCom’s consultancy division, where she is bringing her research rigour and insight and analysis skills to consultancy projects. Outside of the research sphere, Pauline is very active in the sustainability space. She is a co-founder of GroupM’s Mission Zero group, which is focused on accelerating the group’s transition to a zero carbon future. She also sits on the IPA’s Climate Charter working group.