Apple to launch music-orientated social network, ‘Ping’

Apple to launch music-orientated social network, ‘Ping’

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Steve Jobs, announced yesterday that Apple would be launching a social network called ‘Ping’, based around music.

‘Ping’ will allow users to create a profile and share information on gigs, concerts and music.

It also allows them to view what their friends have been listening to or downloading.

Users can follow friends or artists, and Ping will recommend suggested artists or albums based on musical taste.

Jobs described it as “sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes” at the launch event in San Francisco yesterday.

It is built into the newest version of iTunes, and can be accessed from Macs, iPhones and iPod Touches.

iTunes currently has 160 million users worldwide, who will have access to Ping.

This follows news that Apple will also be launching a new and improved version of Apple TV.


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