Adwanted wins at Audio Advertising Awards

Adwanted wins at Audio Advertising Awards
(From left) Angus, Brownlee and Tucker with Audio Advertising Awards host Alex Zane

Adwanted UK, the parent company of The Media Leader, has won the Insight & Research category at the inaugural Campaign Audio Advertising Awards.

“Word Count Matters” was created in collaboration with Colourtext. The work beat two other shortlisted projects in its category: “Let’s Open Up About Gambling” by Lucky Generals and “Indeed Job Jukebox” by Forever Audio and EssenceMediacom.

Harnessing data from 10,000 radio campaigns, the research unpacked the impact of word rate — or word density (words per minute) — on the effectiveness of audio ads. The insight could change the way brands think about the creative effectiveness of audio advertising.

“Word Count Matters” also picked up the James Smythe Award for Best Realisation of Research at the Media Research Group Awards in November 2023.

Adwanted UK operates Audiotrack, which delivers audio ads directly from creative agencies to UK and Ireland linear radio stations, community radio stations and DAB stations, as well as digital streaming and podcast platforms.

Anne Tucker, head of research at Adwanted UK, said: “We’re delighted that it has such a positive impact on the industry, with agencies reviewing their audio campaigns to maximise their commercial outcomes.”

Colourtext is an audience research and consumer insights company with expertise in market segmentation, advertising effectiveness, data analytics and survey design.

Jason Brownlee, founder of Colourtext, added: “It’s amazing how well ‘Word Count Matters’ has been received, not only in the UK but around the world too. The standout finding of this multi-award-winning research study is clear — audio ads that hit the perfect word rate per minute enhance their ability to stand out creatively, which in turn increases campaign web response.”

The award was received on stage by Tucker, Brownlee and Chontal Angus, head of Audiotrack.

‘The longer an audio ad, the less effective’

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