19 Apr 2023

Route data shows that digital screens are seen by 83% of the UK population each week. When looking at OOH as a medium, on the whole, this rises to 97%. We take a look at the Route R46 numbers behind these figures for an insight into digital vs static frames, by environment.  With over 83,000… Continue reading A Screen future?

05 Apr 2023

Full report available at: Mediatel > Connected > Consumer Surveys

21 Mar 2023
07 Mar 2023

Results from the latest RAJAR MIDAS survey results show that the number of hours respondents listen to live radio in an average week, via smart or Bluetooth speakers, has increased over the past 3 years.   Comparing wave 2 2019 to wave 2 2022, the trends showed fewer respondents listening to live radio for 1-2 hours… Continue reading The smartest voice in the room