Why working in Europe is a great idea for media pros in 2023

Why working in Europe is a great idea for media pros in 2023
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Using professional flexibility to travel, live, and work abroad has never been easier.


With remote and hybrid working fully bedded in as the new normal, the concept of “going to work” has changed from battling commuter traffic to simply logging on.

This is especially true for those who work in tech or media and who can achieve career goals simply by being online.

So it should come as no surprise that more and more media professionals are adopting the life of a digital nomad––either full time or for a set period.

Using professional flexibility to travel, enjoy new cities and locations, and perhaps take advantage of lower tax rates afforded by digital nomad visas has never been easier, especially with many European countries now offering digital nomad visas for both EU and non-EU citizens.

From Croatia to the Czech Republic, Spain, Estonia and Italy, a digital nomad visa can take you on a journey of European discovery. Length of stay, application fees and income requirements differ for each, so research is required.

And if that doesn’t quite suit, plenty more EU destinations have other suitable visa arrangements in place which allow UK workers to freelance or remain for short working stays. Below, we look at three, as well as some available roles.


While EU citizens are automatically entitled to live and work in France, British citizens must now apply for a residence permit for all arrivals.

France doesn’t offer a specific digital nomad visa, but it does allow extended working stays of up to three months within a six month period for those who don’t want to apply for a resident visa.

There is also a freelance visa which lasts for up to one year, and applies to those who want to relocate to France but remain working for an international company.

Do note that under this visa you are subject to French tax rates, which can be higher than others.

Another option is to work for a French company which will hire you under French law, allowing you to stay.

Want to work in France? Streaming platform Deezer was founded here and allows users to stream music across multiple platforms. Despite a global presence, Deezer’s HQ remains in Paris and the company is currently hiring for a number of roles including Partner Solution Manager and Business Analyst. You can browse all available opportunities and locations at Deezer.


The German city of Berlin is regularly voted as one of the best places to live and work, and for those looking to experience a new urban centre, it has become very attractive due to its generous freelance visa.

The German Freelance Visa, which is also known as Aufenthaltserlaubnis für Selbständige Tätigkeit, allows self-employed and freelance workers to live and work in Germany for up to three years.

Introduced as a way to encourage young professionals to relocate, the visa is one of the most generous across the EU.

However, it can take up to four months to be approved, and UK workers can live in Germany without a visa for up to 90 days while they make their application.

Should you get a taste for German life, there is a constant demand for tech and media professionals across German companies.

For example, Zalando, which is the second largest ecommerce platform in Europe and currently serves over 50 million customers across 25 countries. The German giant is currently hiring for a number of roles across its Berlin operations, including Senior Product Manager – Diversity and Inclusion, and Senior Product Manager with many more opportunities available. Discover available opportunities and locations at Zalando.

The Netherlands

While there is no dedicated digital nomad visa offered to those wanting to relocate to The Netherlands, its long stay or MVV visa allows non-nationals to register as freelance workers within the country and stay for up to three years.

What’s special about the MVV visa is that it allows workers to freelance for Dutch companies, while adhering to local tax laws.

Amsterdam’s thriving café scene and super fast internet (at 80mbps, it’s amongst the fastest in Europe) has created an inclusive and bustling digital nomad and coworking community.

At the cutting edge of social media and operating across several different platforms, ByteDance currently has 1.9 billion monthly users. With offices all across the world, ByteDance is a good option for those looking to get ahead within their media career but also experience the digital nomad life. Current European roles include opportunities for Quality Analyst and Content Moderator in the Amsterdam office with other locations available. Browse all available opportunities and locations at ByteDance.

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