The Media Leaders Debate wants to hear from you

The Media Leaders Debate wants to hear from you
Special announcement

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Mediatel’s latest initiative, The Media Leaders Debate, powered by The Media Leader.

The Media Leaders Debate will take place during the opening morning of The Future of Media on October 12 moderated à la Question Time, where we will host two debates simultaneously led by two esteemed panels; one led by a panel of global leaders and a second panel of media leaders of tomorrow.

The panels and their audiences will be tasked to debate, discuss and agree on the most pressing issues facing the media industry today, with the final outcome being both groups collectively deciding on the three most important issues they would like The Media Leader to champion in 2023.

The Mediatel team has already identified the top 10 talking points for the debate based on discussions and content over the last 12 months at Mediatel Events and on The Media Leader.

These currently include:

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Talent Crisis
  • Inflation/Cost of Living
  • Media Measurement
  • Effectiveness
  • Attention Marketing
  • Renaissance of media planning
  • Trust in Media
  • Media Collaboration

We will conclude by revealing the six topics the two groups decided on to compare the decisions made by both the current leaders and future leaders, and whether there are any significant differences.

A panel of columnists from The Media Leader — including Jan Gooding and Nick Manning — will discuss and analyse the choices, before we finally reach a conclusion of the three most important subjects for The Media Leader and Mediatel Events to champion throughout the year.

However, over the next four weeks we want to hear from our readers as to what you think the most important topics are over social using the hashtag #TMLDebate.

We will also be asking industry leaders to give their viewpoints so this topic list can change to reflect your views in the coming weeks.

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