What every media owner needs to know about hiring in 2023

What every media owner needs to know about hiring in 2023
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Don’t rely on the standard levers of salary, benefits and job descriptions to source good talent.


The UK is forecast to become the biggest entertainment and media market in Europe in 2023 according to PwC. So far, so fabulous for media owners. However, with geopolitical and economic headwinds (including rising inflation) on the horizon, concerns about revenue growth are at the top of everyone’s mind.

And even organisations that have weathered the pandemic relatively well are facing another looming challenge — the struggle to find and retain top talent. As the UK’s hiring boom is set to continue into the next quarter according to the CIPD’s latest report, it’s clear that many companies may need to reexamine and improve their hiring approach to survive and thrive.

Nowadays, attracting top talent requires far more than a job ad. Companies have to actively target the right candidates, promote positions through various outlets, and capitalise on their marketing efforts to stand out among a surplus of great job opportunities.

More importantly, to stay ahead of the race for top talent, hiring managers need to find ways to meet candidate expectations. Don’t rely on the standard levers of salary, benefits and job descriptions to source good talent. To attract the best, you’ve got to understand what they want…

Reinforce values

Today’s jobseekers, particularly millennials and Gen Z not only consider salary and progression opportunities, they also focus on a brand’s values. They pay attention to a good work/life balance and they note if the company values mental health. They want an inclusive company culture that embraces diversity and an employer that prioritises ethical and sustainability issues.

Companies who don’t show their commitment to DE&I are losing out on talent. It’s widely known that having a culturally diverse workforce can fuel innovation, boost creativity and lend to higher profitability. Worth noting are inclusive employers on the Mediatel Job Board like ITV (with current open roles) who are a registered government Disability Confident participant.

Embrace a remote approach

Embracing virtual recruitment practices and flexible working roles is the way forward and reflects a renewed focus on the employee experience. Two days of remote work is the new normal. It’s commonly recognised now that hybrid and remote workplaces attract a smart, talented and diverse workforce. Check out progressive companies such as Netflix, which currently offers several entirely remote roles.

Develop a solid employer brand

It’s not about marketing, as it is about reputation. It’s about making sure you embed consistent messaging across the channels you use for recruitment and signals to prospective employees that your organisation would be a good employer and a great place to work. Build a robust candidate experience, and then parlay that into an employee experience that allows people to show up as their best selves. Attractive employer branding can potentially bring in many passive candidates.

Redefine what talent means

Most recruiters are looking for skills, which we all improperly equate to talent. In reality, the hires you end up treasuring the most are the ones with the proper values and talents that are hard to teach – humility, drive, positivity and the ability to learn.

Establishing training schemes that focus on increasing the hard and soft skill sets of employees is a great way to attract those candidates thinking about longer-term career development. Companies that prioritise and nurture the soft skills of empathy, creativity and resilience are going to be the ones to thrive in our hybrid work world.

Support the gig economy

The average person wants flexibility and freedom in their life. The growing gig economy is changing the way we work and hire. So, for businesses looking to stay agile, now and into the future, embracing the emerging freelance workforce matters. Businesses that don’t utilise freelancers and part time workers will miss out on a share of a skilled and highly motivated independent talent pool.

Leverage social media

Your company is visible. Candidates are doing their research prior to accepting interviews. They want to know what your current employees are saying about you and it’s more than easy now to get an accurate picture of your workplace environment. Brand your page with more employee-related events. Take control of your company’s image and become a people-focused employer and you will automatically attract top talent.

Staying on top of current hiring trends is one of the best ways to craft a successful hiring strategy. Combining more efficient recruitment strategies with the right recruitment tools can also help to reduce your hiring costs and boost the quality of your hires. Where and how you advertise jobs, the language you use and the process you follow will all determine the outcome.

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