Walmart Connect announces Innovation Partner Program

Walmart Connect announces Innovation Partner Program
In brief

Walmart Connect, Walmart’s retail media arm, has announced a new Innovation Partner Program.

The strategic partnerships with TikTok, Snap, Firework, TalkShopLive, and Roku will provide “test and learn” opportunities with social, entertainment, t-commerce (shopping through connected TV), and live streaming throughout the holiday season.

The pilot between TikTok and Walmart Connect will provide advertisers with the opportunity to serve in-feed ads on the short-form video platform with Walmart Connect’s targeting and measurement.

The partnership with Snapchat (pictured, main image) will bring advertisers Snap Ads, Collection Ads, and Snap AR with Walmart Connect geo-based measurement of omnichannel sales lift.

The partnership with Firework enables supplier-funded shoppable livestreams and short shoppable videos on Walmart.com/live.

The partnership with TalkShopLive enables supplier-funded shoppable livestreams on Walmart.com/live, TalkShopLive’s platform, brand and publisher sites, and across the web via TalkShopLive’s embeddable video player.

Walmart recently announced what it claims is a first-of-its-kind partnership with Roku to make TV streaming the next ecommerce shopping destination, enabling streamers to purchase featured products fulfilled by Walmart directly on Roku.

A GroupM report this week predicted that global retail media would surpass $100bn this year, with ecommerce accounting for nearly one in five dollars spent on retail sales globally.

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