Verizon revamps brand with new logo, perks, and focus on modern connectivity

Verizon revamps brand with new logo, perks, and focus on modern connectivity

Verizon is shaking things up with a new brand identity, revamped ad campaign, and a suite of new programs aimed at giving customers more choices and flexibility.

New logo symbolizes connection and future

The red checkmark logo, which has been with the brand for more than 20 years, is being replaced by a simplified red “V” with a yellow accent, reflecting the company’s name origin (“veritas” meaning truth and “horizon” signifying the future). This streamlined design aims to project an image of energy and vibrancy, aligning with the modern communication landscape, explained Verizon in a statement. “Verizon is a strong, trusted brand that plays a critical role in people’s lives, but most of what we do is often invisible and behind the scenes. We want to make the invisible, visible,” says Leslie Berland, Verizon Chief Marketing Officer. “The new logo, design system and creative approach pulls inspiration from the company’s heritage while infusing the energy, vibrancy, and experience of life powered by everything Verizon offers.” The streamlined look will be implemented across Verizon’s marketing, digital channels, websites, apps and retail touchpoints over the next several years.

“Can You Hear Me Now?” makes a comeback

To unveil the makeover to consumers, Verizon is launching an ad campaign with the iconic “Can You Hear Me Now?”, featuring this time a real Verizon network engineer instead of an actor. The ad highlights how connectivity goes beyond simple voice calls, encompassing video streaming, online gaming, mobile transactions, and more. By doing this, Verizon joins other marketers in resurrecting slogans that were popular when linear TV was dominant to tap into nostalgic fondness for the ’90s.



New programs to entice customers

Verizon is also introducing several new programs to entice customers, including myHome, an extension of its popular myPlan mobile offering, Verizon Access, a new platform for all customers that provides exclusive access to the most sought-after events and experiences and Verizon Business, an industry-first smartphone management solution.

More choices and flexibility

Verizon’s overall message seems to be that they connect people to what matters most, not just through calls but also through entertainment, experiences, and a seamless online experience. This focus on connection is evident in their new ad campaign and their emphasis on providing customers with more choices and flexibility. By doing this, Verizon aims to solidify its position as a leader in the telecommunications industry.


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