TVSquared claims ‘first cross-platform measurement’ for all forms of TV

TVSquared claims ‘first cross-platform measurement’ for all forms of TV

TVSquared, the TV measurement company, has launched what it claims is the first cross-platform measurement and attribution solution for all forms of TV – linear, streaming and addressable.

The Edinburgh-headquarted company is launching ADvantage XP today in the UK and Germany, Europe’s two largest markets, and promises to offer independent impression-based tracking of ad exposure.

The company has been able to do this by amassing “the largest global coverage” of converged TV from millions of households in each country.

ADvantage XP provides cross-platform reach and frequency metrics, as well as measuring incremental reach, including additional streaming households reached beyond linear, and delivers attribution insights that enable marketers to measure key performance indicators such as sales, registrations, app activities, and website visits.

Measuring impression-based advertising

The new product, TVSquared said, links exposure and outcomes to authenticated households and audience IDs to “harmonise” measurement across different platforms.

It promises to give advertisers a portfolio of measurement options that are all tied to impression-based advertising, which should create a consistent way to count and ascribe value across all forms of TV and premium video inventory sources.

For example, if a travel advertiser launched a TV campaign across linear and streaming, ADvantage XP can marry household-level ad exposure from both linear and streaming with digital outcomes, like a website visit or online purchase.

Jo Kinsella, president of TVSquared, told Mediatel News: “This delivers always-on insights that show the number of households reached and at what frequency, backed by granular metrics across each individual platform and publisher to uncover the unique reach.

“When looking at this holistically, the advertiser can understand the incremental reach across its entire TV campaign, and tie outcomes down to the household level in a privacy-compliant way.”

TVSquared is GDPR compliant and a registered member of IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework. 

ADvantage XP follows a number of initiatives to offer cross-platform measurement in the UK. Earlier this year, the UK’s three major sales houses ITV Sky Media and Channel 4 announced they were collaborating to offer CFlight as a joint audience-measurement solution for their linear and video-on-demand services.

ISBA is also progressing with Project Origin, its more ambitious initiative that aims to offer a unified measurement solution across TV, short-form video and other media channels.

‘Brands don’t want UK sales houses to mark their own homework’

However, Kinsella (pictured, left) insisted that ADvantage XP was different as a “full, horizontal ecosystem platform for all linear and digital video video that measures reach and frequency, unduplicated reach, audiences and outcomes across millions of households globally.”

She added: “Advertisers want one solution for cross-platform, and don’t want a different tool or flavour from each broadcaster or streaming service. They also want to move away from having these UK sales houses ‘mark their own homework.’

“Their sales team can focus on selling more to advertisers who have near-real-time data and insights available in a platform to demonstrate ROI against all inventory from one place.”

TVSquared already works closely with Sky for full cross-platform attribution, a partnership that was announced last year. Kinsella added that the company is well-positioned to working alongside measurement initiatives to support harmonisation, simplicity and scale – including C-Flight.

“A private company, TVSquared is completely independent and built at scale to ingest any dataset, including household-level viewership data and ad occurrence data from smart TVs, set-box boxes and streaming services,” she added.

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