The Route to reach the Euro pub crowds

The Route to reach the Euro pub crowds

As the Euros kick off, OOH provides a high-reach opportunity for brands. With group-stage matches starting between 5pm and 8pm, this is a crucial time that brands can utilise to target those on their merry way to the pub.

With Scotland and England participating in the Euros, which kick off on Friday, it is no surprise that many in the UK will be grabbing a pint to watch the tournament at a pub, where I’m sure everyone will be calm and civil as they belt out England’s unofficial anthem, Sweet Caroline.

The British Beer and Pub Association predicts over 300m pints could be sold across the 31 days of the competition. As pubs remain one of the top performers in the hospitality industry, this presents a great opportunity for brands to engage with their audience using OOH inventory close to these establishments.

Earlier this year, Route published its Q1 audience data, providing advertisers, media owners and OOH specialists insights into where, who and how often people see OOH advertising in Great Britain. As pubs prepare for a busy summer, it is vital for brands to advertise through high-reach media. And with OOH reach at 95% for all adults 15 and older, this isn’t an opportunity to miss.

As all group-stage matches will start between 5pm and 8pm, this is a crucial time when brands can advertise to audiences who will be on their merry way to pubs. It turns out OOH has the highest reach between 5pm and 6:30pm, and second-highest reach between 6:30pm and 8pm after commercial TV, according to IPA TouchPoints data.

Close proximity

Wouldn’t it be cool to see where these pubs and ad frames are on a map?

Using OpenStreetMap data and Route figures, I have created a dashboard that allows users to identify all frames within at most a 200-metre stumbling distance of pubs. You can adjust your focus by region, conurbation, media owner, environment and frame type. The chart helps you identify the top 10 frames with the highest weekly impacts within selected filters.

You can access the dashboard here.

Insights from the data show that within a 200-metre distance of pubs, there are a total 77,184 OOH ad frames — 10,237 of which are digital screens. On average, there are approximately 18 ad frames within 200 metres of pubs. The roadside frame most seen in Great Britain is by Liverpool Lime Street station, which is seen 854,167 times a week.

If you want your ad to be seen most by Scotland fans, head over to Glasgow Central station. One ad frame there is seen over 780,000 times a week and is within 200 metres of 17 pubs! Similarly, want your ad to be seen the most by England fans? Then head to London Waterloo, where a digital OOH frame there is seen a colossal 2.4m times each week.

Even when reducing the distance of pubs from 200 metres to 20 metres, there are still over 3,000 frames to advertise on. The roadside ad frame seen the most within 20 metres from a pub is on Sneinton Road in Nottingham — seen 380,000 times a week.

Capitalise on this opportunity and ensure your campaigns are seen by thousands heading to pubs to watch the Euros. Check out our interactive dashboard to identify OOH inventory and audience data within a pint’s throw from all the football fun.

With Route data, you’ll never walk — or, more importantly, plan ad campaigns — alone.

Pub locations were sourced from OpenStreetMap’s Overpass API. The audience data includes all fixed-location inventory and uses Route R50 audience data.

Eda Incekara squareEda Incekara is marketing and insight manager at Route

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