The lost quarter?

The lost quarter?

On so many levels does COVID-19 now impact our lives. And once the worst of it is over, whenever that may be, its legacy will be long-lasting.

Beyond the human tragedies, we need to understand how it will impact media and advertising, and today we look at how the pandemic could limit the efforts of media researchers to supply the industry with the trusted trading currencies, audience insights and data that underpin investment decisions, business strategy and advertising campaigns.

From the current demise of face-to-face interviewing, to the potential rise of online surveys, or using the pandemic as an excuse to cut costs in the long-term, we spoke with researchers to understand how this vital sector could change.

Read the full feature here.

Something new to play with

Speaking of research, this week Mediatel Connected launched its new Consumer Surveys module.

The update takes five key UK media surveys and allows instant interrogation of questions, exploration of topic areas, and all with a simple visual approach which makes the data easy to understand and insights swift to obtain.

Built as a straightforward search engine for media and tech, it covers viewing, listening, reading, social, gaming, shopping, screens and devices.

“Taking feedback from clients across the UK, this updated module will make understanding and analysing the consumer’s approach to media and tech effortless for people across your business,” says Anne Tucker, head of research at Mediatel.

Full details, including how to book a demo, here.

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