Podcast: Les Binet interview, plus media prospects under Labour and Netflix/Amazon commissions

Podcast: Les Binet interview, plus media prospects under Labour and Netflix/Amazon commissions
Les Binet spoke to The Media Leader's Omar Oakes at Cannes Lions last month
The Media Leader Podcast

Omar Oakes and Maria Iu digest the big stories of the week and Les Binet talks to The Media Leader about why he’s created an AI version of himself.

Binet, group head of effectiveness at ad agency Adam & Eve/DDB and a renowned ad authority, talk to Oakes during Cannes Lions about his long history with AI, his Cannes diary and his battle against the industry’s “shiny object” syndrome.

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2:30: What will change in media and advertising under Labour

7.20: What analysts are saying about the economy under Labour

10:00: Commissions from Netflix and Amazon are up — confidence returning to TV?

12:30: Fox launches Tubi in the UK — is the market saturated?

15:10: London’s most attention-grabbing bus shelters — where and why?

16:45: What to do about election leaflets posing as fake newspapers

20:00: Les Binet interview

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