Pinterest unveils new feature to cater to Gen Z’s demand for video-centric content

Pinterest unveils new feature to cater to Gen Z’s demand for video-centric content

Pinterest is making it easier than ever to share inspiration with others. The popular visual discovery platform boasting over half a billion monthly users and a staggering 10 billion boards curated globally will now allow users to create short videos of their curated Pinterest boards, designed to be shared on social media.

Catering to Gen Z

This exciting update caters specifically to Gen Z, Pinterest’s most engaged user group. Gen Z users, known for their focus on self-discovery and expression, are creating boards at an unprecedented rate, with searches for “mecore” (a trend where users create boards reflecting their personal aesthetic) up 565% year-over-year. Board sharing empowers Gen Z to showcase their unique personalities and creative visions beyond Pinterest’s walls, explains Pinterest in a statement. 

Partnering with powerhouse pinners

To celebrate the launch, Pinterest has partnered with music artists Avril Lavigne and Tierra Whack. Lavigne will unveil a board brimming with fashion inspiration for her upcoming tour, while Whack will share a glimpse into her eclectic interests and creative inspirations. I have been a long time user of Pinterest and many of my creative projects start on my personal Pinterest boards. It helps me get my ideas straight so that when I am working with my team, everyone is on the same page. I am excited about this new way of sharing  boards because the possibilities to let people into my creative process are now even easier,” said Avril Lavigne in a statement

Effortlessly share your curated collections

Sharing a board is as simple as tapping the share icon on any public board. Pinterest automatically generates a visually compelling video montage or photo, showcasing the essence of your curated collection. This video can then be easily shared across various social media platforms, including Instagram Stories and TikTok.

Boost engagement and drive traffic back to Pinterest

Board sharing allows users to get more mileage out of their existing board content. By presenting their boards in a fresh, visually captivating way, users can reach a wider audience, fostering deeper connections and establishing their presence beyond Pinterest, explains the company. Additionally, the shared videos include a link that directs viewers back to the complete board on Pinterest, potentially driving significant traffic back to the platform.

A feature inspired by user behavior

The introduction of board sharing reflects Pinterest’s commitment to adapting to user preferences. With Gen Z’s growing demand for video-centric content, Pinterest is offering a solution that mirrors the way users were already sharing boards – through screenshots and green screen effects. Board sharing streamlines this process, allowing users to share their creativity in a more polished and engaging way.


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