Pinterest launches Pinterest Ad Labs for brands to experiment with AI ad formats

Pinterest launches Pinterest Ad Labs for brands to experiment with AI ad formats

Pinterest is upping its advertising game with the launch of Pinterest Ad Labs, a new program designed to test innovative ad formats and leverage the power of AI for personalized experiences. The platform is known for its visual search and user-curated boards, making it a prime destination for advertisers looking to tap into inspiration-driven shopping behavior. Pinterest Ad Labs takes this a step further by offering brands a chance to experiment with cutting-edge features like personalized background generation and shoppable collages.

Personalized backgrounds

One of the highlights of Ad Labs is the exploration of personalized background generation, powered by Pinterest’s generative AI model. This feature leverages user data and Pinterest’s unique “taste graph” to create custom backgrounds for product pins. The goal is to increase engagement by tailoring the ad experience to individual aesthetics.

Shoppable collages: a curated shopping experience

Pinterest is also testing collages as a new advertising avenue. Users can create collages by remixing and combining visual elements, and now, brands can get in on the action. Advertisers can create shoppable collages featuring their products, allowing users to discover and explore different items in a curated context. This format goes beyond static product placements, fostering a more interactive shopping experience, explained Pinterest in its statement.

shopping collages
shopping collages

Early results show promise

The initial trials with Ad Labs have been encouraging. Furniture and home goods company Wayfair saw a 28% improvement in cost per click (CPC) and a whopping 5.4 times higher engagement rate when using shoppable collages compared to standard ad formats. According to Pinterest, these results highlight the potential of these new features to drive better campaign performance.

AI for performance and brand safety

Pinterest isn’t just focusing on creative formats. The platform is also investing in AI-powered tools to streamline campaign management and ensure brand safety. Pinterest Performance+ (currently in beta) is a suite of features that automates tasks and optimizes campaigns for better results. Early tests suggest a 10% improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) for conversion campaigns and a similar improvement in CPC for brand awareness efforts.

On the brand safety front, Pinterest is collaborating with industry leaders like Integral Ad Science (IAS) and DoubleVerify (DV) to provide advertisers with comprehensive brand safety measurement tools. These partnerships ensure that ads are placed in appropriate contexts, protecting brand reputation, said Pinterest. 

Looking ahead

Pinterest Ad Labs represents a significant step forward for the platform’s advertising offerings. By combining personalization, AI-powered tools, and new creative formats, Pinterest is creating a more engaging and effective advertising experience for both brands and users.

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