Palmer’s takes over train station

Palmer’s takes over train station

Palmer’s, the cocoa butter skin and haircare brand, will take over a London train station to raise awareness about reforestation.

As part of its Palmer’s Forest campaign, Palmers Green Station in North London will become “Palmer’s Green” for two weeks with a “living wall” of plants along (pictured, main image) and preserved foliage on the ceiling and walls.

There will also be “smart planters” positioned around the station which will be maintained after the takeover to keep the station as “green as possible for longer” and help “purify the air” around the train platforms.

In addition, a billboard will carry hundreds of seed papers (pictured, below) for passersby to take home to grow their own plants and QR codes will be placed around the takeover so people can find out more information about Palmer’s reforestation project.

Palmer’s Forest campaign aims to plant 24,000 trees, or an area the size of 33 football fields, in Cameroon Africa, and in the process offset 12,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

Through the campaign, consumers can register purchases of select Palmer’s products to have two trees planted for each bottle of select product used.

Independent media agency John Ayling & Associates collaborated with out-of-home specialists Talon on the campaign.

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