Owning the Future: A ride inside a Cybertruck

Owning the Future: A ride inside a Cybertruck


The Tesla Cybertruck, with its sharp angles and futuristic design, has been a source of both fascination and debate since its unveiling in 2019. Now, with deliveries underway, we get a glimpse into the ownership experience through the eyes of Truman Boyes, a longtime Tesla enthusiast who received his Cybertruck just a few weeks ago. The Media Leader spoke with him: 

The power of the Tesla brand

Truman’s journey to the Cybertruck began long before its dramatic reveal. He’s a seasoned Tesla owner, having previously enjoyed two other models. “Tesla’s commitment to electric vehicles and their innovative approach to design really resonated with me,” Truman explains. “So, when the Cybertruck was announced, it felt like a natural progression. It was unlike any truck I’d ever seen, and that boldness really appealed to me.”

First impressions

Truman’s initial impressions of the Cybertruck are nothing short of glowing. “It’s simply stunning,” he exclaims. “The futuristic design turns heads wherever I go.” He highlights the impressive acceleration and handling, which defy expectations for a vehicle of its size. Truman’s favorite features go beyond the eye-catching design. He admits to being surprised by the spaciousness of the cabin and the intuitive user interface. “The maneuverability is surprisingly good,” he says. “The 360-degree camera system makes navigating tight spaces very easy.” He describes the driving experience as unique, combining power with a smooth and quiet ride.

The future is electric (trucks)

Charging hasn’t been an issue for Truman. “Tesla’s Supercharger network makes long trips a breeze,” he says. “And for everyday charging, my home charger keeps it topped up effortlessly.” Looking ahead, Truman believes electric trucks are the future. “The Cybertruck might not be for everyone,” he concedes, “but it’s definitely a pioneer. It’s pushing boundaries and paving the way for a more sustainable future of transportation.” The company doesn’t break down its sales by model, but said, last month during a recall, that it had produced 11,688 Cybertrucks as of June 6.

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