Netflix builds “Houses” to bring streaming hits to life

Netflix builds “Houses” to bring streaming hits to life

Netflix is stepping out of the screen and into the real world with the announcement of Netflix House, a new immersive retail experience. This move reflects a broader trend of entertainment companies leveraging their popular content across different mediums. Just like Disney’s theme parks and merchandise stores, Netflix House aims to extend the life of its shows and create new revenue streams.

Massive venues in shopping malls

The initial Netflix House locations will open in “two of the most popular shopping centers in America,” according to Netflix, the Galleria Dallas and the King of Prussia Mall near Philadelphia, and will take over the sites of former department stores, providing each venue with over 100,000 square feet of space. Both locations are already host to hundreds of retailers and a large amount of foot traffic. These massive venues will open in 2025.

Stepping into the story

Netflix House promises a variety of experiences that will bring fans face-to-face with their favorite shows. The venues will also feature themed restaurants offering food inspired by global Netflix hits, and shops stocked with merchandise to fuel fan fervor. Outside these expansive spaces, fans will be treated to some eye-popping sculptures and a mural mash-up of characters from their favorite Netflix titles, explained Netflix.

Building on existing success

This isn’t Netflix’s first foray into live experiences. The company has already hosted pop-up events for shows like Bridgerton and Stranger Things. Netflix House takes these experiences to the next level, offering a permanent location with a wider range of activities and attractions. “We’ve launched more than 50 experiences in 25 cities, and Netflix House represents the next generation of our distinctive offerings. The venues will bring our beloved stories to life in new, ever-changing and unexpected ways,” Marian Lee, Netflix’s chief marketing officer, said in a statement.

Next step in the ongoing streaming war?

Critics wonder if Netflix House can maintain its appeal over time. Keeping the content fresh and enticing repeat visits will be crucial for success. Netflix seems confident, pointing to its experience with pop-up events and its broader strategy of expanding beyond streaming, which includes video game offerings and merchandise partnerships. One question remains: will it be the next step in the ongoing streaming war with its competitors? Netflix will be the first to launch a permanent experience. Depending on how it goes, we might see other streaming services follow suit and open up their own larger themed experiences in the future.

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