Motorola folds into AI-generated fashion campaign for new Razr phones

Motorola folds into AI-generated fashion campaign for new Razr phones

Motorola is taking a different approach to promote its latest foldable smartphones, the Razr 50 and Razr 50 Ultra, with a campaign created entirely using artificial intelligence. The campaign, titled “Styled With Moto,” features virtual models showcasing AI-generated fashion inspired by the phone’s design and available colors.

AI takes the runway

Developed by agency Heaven, the campaign highlights Motorola’s embrace of both technological innovation and fashion. The 30-second video features a variety of virtual models sporting outfits reminiscent of Motorola’s signature “batwing” logo, displayed in the six colors the new Razr line comes in. Even the soundtrack, a modern twist on the classic “Hello Moto” jingle, was AI-generated.

A four-month journey

The campaign involved four months of research and development, with designers selecting the most stylish and material-appropriate options from thousands of AI-generated images. These were then transformed to subtly incorporate the batwing design before being upscaled and animated. At the launch party, guests were treated to an exhibition of 150 portraits featuring them in “batwing” outfits, further solidifying the fashion connection. Additionally, a “Motorola Dress” designed in collaboration with Scotomalab, a creative textile studio, was unveiled.

Bold statement about the future 

Motorola isn’t the first brand to use generative AI tools in ad creative — a practice that has not been without controversy. Last week, Toys “R” Us released a video ad that was created almost entirely by generative artificial intelligence, prompting strong reactions from the industry. By embracing AI and collaborating with the fashion world, Motorola said it is hoping to demonstrate that innovation and style can go hand-in-hand, creating a truly unique consumer experience.


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