Mediatel launches Performance app, partners with global martech firm BOSCO

Mediatel launches Performance app
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Mediatel Connected, part of Adwanted Group, has launched its new Performance app which will “enable you to make better digital marketing spend decisions, driven by data and insight”.

The app incorporates data sources that cover social influencers and the potential of paid and organic search for online retailers.

It includes:

  • Global social media insights across the most important categories of influencer campaigns
  • Reports on social influencers across three key categories
  • Unique scoring system and benchmarking reports for e-commerce sites’ organic and paid performance against category and competitors
  • Recommendations on how online retailers can improve results against campaign objectives
  • A simulator for online retailers to explore different scenarios for allocating additional budget


Performance will help marketers understand social influencer trends across platforms, providing an opportunity to make better digital marketing decisions and plans.

As part of the launch, Mediatel has partnered with global martech firm BOSCO, a predictive analytics platform developed to help retailers with online media spend.

Mediatel will be integrating the BOSCO Explore dashboard, which includes an index score based on performance and digital marketing spend simulations, into its Mediatel Connected product to “create more digital value for their customers”.

Rob Laurence, head of Mediatel Connected, said: “We’re incredibly excited to be partnering with the BOSCO platform and team. We both use data to give customers a better understanding of their media budgets which makes for a great collaboration.

“By using BOSCO, we are adding valuable insight into the Mediatel Connected product. This will help our clients to have a better understanding of the marketing landscape and their media budgets. Plus, they will also be able to benchmark against their competitors using the BOSCO online performance index — something that adds a lot of value to their data”.

BOSCO was founded in 2019 and developed by digital marketing and technology provider Modo25.

Emily Hakner, associate director of product at BOSCO, added: “We are delighted to welcome Mediatel as a partner of BOSCO. Our shared understanding of data science means that we can work together to give Mediatel customers the best possible experience online. It’s great to see the BOSCO platform already helping businesses to better understand their media budgets and we look forward to continue to provide insights to the Mediatel team”.

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