Media by Mother partners with Fenestra

Media by Mother partners with Fenestra

Media by Mother has become the first US agency to partner with European programmatic analytics and optimization company Fenestra.

The partnership is designed to support the agency’s aim of ensuring clients have transparent implementation across digital supply chains, letting them understand where their money went, how it performed, and what to do next.

Fenestra was founded in 2017 by former Brave Bison Group CEO Ashley McKenzie.

Mother focused on finding a European solution to adopt for the US. David Gaines, Media by Mother’s CEO, stated: “GDPR seems to have accelerated the capabilities of technology in this space vs. what we looked at here in the US.

“We needed a solution that in addition to identifying fraudulent traffic, allows our team to identify where better effectiveness can be achieved and automates that whole process in real-time, while they are optimizing campaigns. Fenestra does that and we’re getting improvements in performance of nearly a third vs. not using it.”

Fenestra also provides domain-level carbon emissions data from Scope3, which creates the potential to understand who is driving carbon emissions within the programmatic supply chain. This could allow campaigns to be optimized to environmental sustainability goals.

McKenzie added: “We’re delighted to bring our technology to Media by Mother and their clients. With the market moving at, literally, the speed of light, it’s impossible for humans to effectively deliver best results for clients. We’re excited to enable the team to maximize clients’ outcomes and run their operations more efficiently than ever before”.

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