Lily’s Kitchen targets ‘new generation of pet parents’

Lily’s Kitchen targets ‘new generation of pet parents’
The Media Plan

Pet food brand Lily’s Kitchen has leveraged out-of-home, radio, and podcasts to target new Gen Z and Millennial “pet parents” at key times of day.

The campaign will run for six weeks from October with an objective to put Lily’s Kitchen “on the radar” for this new generation of “pet parents”, namely pet owners aged 25- 44, and emphasise the importance of nutrition for pets and sharing family mealtimes.

This is based on data that during the pandemic the number of UK households with pets grew significantly, which was driven largely by Gen Z and Millennials who view their new pets as part of their family.

Laura Butter, group client director at The Specialist Works, the agency which handled the media strategy for the campaign, told The Media Leader: “Setting out to reach pet parents in relevant, quality environments, through timely and consistent communications in the moments that matter to pet parents led the thinking behind our strategy. We chose a combination of OOH, radio, and podcasts for their high reach amongst our target audience, as well as channel dwell-time.”

Out-of-home was chosen to drive impact and scale amongst this target audience, while ads on radio stations such as Hits Radio, Absolute 90s and Kiss helped to build additional reach. Spots at regular key times throughout the day were also selected to connect with “shared owner and pet moments”.

Additionally, particular podcasts including Off Menu, The Doctor’s Kitchen, How to Fail and The Secret To… with “pet parent talent” such as Ed Gamble, Dr Rupy, and Elizabeth Day were included on the plan so the target audience could feel a more “personal connection” to the brand through the hosts they listen to who also have pets.

The campaign will be measured by examining a shift in consumer awareness using brand health metrics looking at consumer responses from a sentiment and behavioural perspective.

What’s Possible Creative Studio, The Specialist Works’ sister agency, developed the audio creative for radio and podcast spots.

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