ITV launches comedy campaign for ITVX as streaming service begins roll-out

ITV launches comedy campaign for ITVX as streaming service begins roll-out

ITV has launched a campaign with sixteen different ads for its new streaming service ITVX after the streaming service began rolling-out on digital platforms yesterday.

The campaign will run until 20 November on ITV’s own linear, video-on-demand and social channels, as well as Channel 4, cinema and digital video platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram to reach its “mainstreamer” target audience with a high impact and frequency during the launch period.

ITV defines “mainstreamers” as viewers who are increasingly watching more and more of their TV content via streaming services, and who are primarily interested in big, high quality, mainstream content.

The main objectives for the campaign are to drive awareness, understanding and consideration of ITVX

The spots star actors Matthew Macfadyen, Helena Bonham Carter, and John Boyega in comedy sketches set in a rehearsal room going through different scenarios to bring ITVX to life.

ITVX is set to fully launch with more than 10,000 hours of content on 8 December to coincide with the Qatar World Cup, and will roll ITV Hub and BritBox into one service.

The service will host premieres months ahead of their broadcast on linear, new dramas including the anticipated Litvinenko series starring David Tennant, live sport, ITV news roundups, and 350 films at launch.

A soft rollout has already started updating ITV Hub on certain devices and services. ITV Hub’s existing sponsorship by Domino’s has been carried over to the new ITVX interface, with the brand’s logo on the welcome screen and home screen.

The creative for the campaign was by ITV’s ad agency Uncommon Creative Studio and it was directed by David Shane through O Positive films.

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