Introducing Strategy Leaders

Introducing Strategy Leaders

Mediatel News has today launched a weekly bulletin that features thought leadership, news and analysis about media strategy, the editor explains

In my Friday “Week in Media” column, I explained how there is a growing demand for new ideas, fresh approaches, and intelligence around what is loosely called “media strategy”.

I use the word “loosely” because the very definitions of “media” and “strategy” are evolving at a rapid pace and this disruption has only accelerated further during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, to help the industry along this journey, we are launching this weekly bulletin today that features thought leadership and analysis by our Strategy Leaders. These thought leaders will bring you honest, thoughtful and analytical pieces that address what advertisers should consider in today’s media world.

You can sign up for Strategy Leaders on Tuesdays, as well as our other Mediatel News bulletins, here. 

Many of our Strategy Leaders will be senior media agency strategists, but I am also very keen to hear from people working in-house for advertisers, or in non-media agencies, that have an interesting point of view about media strategy.

If you like this bulletin, please share with colleagues and invite them to sign up. If you don’t like it, please contact me and suggest how it could be improved (in confidence, if required, of course).

Either way, just like media strategy itself, this newsletter will evolve.


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