How to get unstuck in your media career

How to get unstuck in your media career
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The UK’s creative industries have witnessed more job growth than any other industry over the past three years, according to figures released by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

In fact, creative industries have been adding roles at twice the rate of other industries, the majority of which are in social media, fashion design, TV and film, and digital marketing. So while the media sector is finally being recognised as a valid career choice, those already working in media understand the realities in a way that nobody is talking about — namely its unpredictability, low salaries and lightning speed pivots.

Which goes some way to explaining why, when one in four UK employees have said they’re open to changing jobs within the next year, those working in media roles are reluctant to change for fear of sliding further down the career ladder.

However, remaining in a job once you’ve outgrown it can be detrimental to both your career growth and personal happiness. If you feel that you’ve become stuck in a career rut there are a few things you can do — the first of which is to admit that you are actually in a rut and that something needs to change. The second is to examine your situation, and figure out what you can do to improve things.

Are you happy at your current company but no longer challenged by your role?

Perhaps upskilling through an online course is the way to reignite your passion and find exciting challenges. The 2022 Deloitte Digital media trends report states that video content, user generated content, social media and ecommerce are media’s hottest skill set for 2023. How does your current skill set stack up? Identify where your weaknesses are and set about filling the gaps.

Alternatively, do you still enjoy your current role, but feel undervalued and underpaid?

To be blunt, you will never change a company culture from the bottom up, and if that’s what’s at the root of your unhappiness it might be time to look elsewhere. However, don’t leap before doing your research. What is it about the current culture that makes you unhappy? Do you want to work on a more collaborative team? Would you like a better sense of work/life balance or more flexible working hours? Or do you want to pivot away from a media career entirely?

Whatever you decide, it’s always worth examining the market and knowing your worth. There are dozens of media opportunities available on the Mediatel Job Board – in the meantime we’ve shortlisted three available roles below.

Technology Project Manager – Streaming, ITV

The Role: The Technology Project Manager – Streaming will be responsible for managing the delivery and migration of various projects for the upcoming launch of ITVX.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for the planning, executing, and finalising of the project according to ITV’s governance model, within the agreed timescales and budget, as well as defining the project’s scope, goals and deliverables to support wider business goals in collaboration with senior stakeholders.

The Requirements: You will have a background with online/video on demand/OTT platforms or content delivery in addition to a strong understanding of agile methods and their implementation over a variety of types of delivery.

Apply for the Technology Project Manager role, or explore other opportunities with ITV.

Social Media Manager – Motion Picture Group, Sony

The Role: The Social Media Manager for the Motion Picture Group will act as community manager across all platforms, implementing innovative social strategies while promoting positive brand conversation and engagement for film releases from start through to finish.

The Responsibilities: You will be responsible for the management of the day-to-day execution of each film’s social media strategy, including scheduling, posting, and community managing across all platforms in addition to coordinating and executing live social media events including activities at press junkets, premieres, special events, and talent Q&As, etc.

The Requirements: You will have a Bachelor’s degree alongside five years experience in social media marketing with robust experience with publishing and analytics tools for all platforms.

Apply for the Social Media Manager role or check out other vacancies at Sony.

Senior Communications Associate, Web Summit

The Role: The Senior Communications Associate will support the communications strategy, helping to identify, define and create new and disruptive ways to tell Web Summit’s story.

The Responsibilities: You’ll be responsible for delivering high-quality, high-touch communications moments that echo and further company objectives through campaigns and compelling narratives that promote key global events and initiatives.

The Requirements: You’ll have at least three years of experience in PR, communications or journalism and a deep understanding of social media and tech trends. You will also have existing and established relationships with a broad range of media outlets and an understanding of how they work.

Apply for the Senior Communications Associate job, or browse other roles at Web Summit.

Visit the Mediatel Job Board for more exciting opportunities within the media space






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