Horizon Media identifies 12 emerging ‘Gen Z subcultures’

Horizon Media identifies 12 emerging ‘Gen Z subcultures’
In brief

Horizon Media has identified 12 emerging Gen Z subcultures, organized into five different categories, to aid marketers in unlocking the generation’s estimated $360bn in purchasing power.

The report notes, among other findings, that nearly two-thirds (64%) of Gen Zs want personalized experiences from brands.

The categories and subcultures organized through the research are:

  • Gaming: Streetwear X Gamers, Gamer Girls
  • Entertainment: Horror Healers, Poetic Connectors
  • Education: Adult-ing Hackers, Scientific Edutainers
  • Fashion: Maximalists, Real-Time Fashionistas, UP-thrifters
  • Beauty: Cursed Cosplayers, Beauty ASMR-tists, Cover Boys

The Gen Z Field Guide: A Marketer’s Manual for Following the Niche Over the Norm report is a collaboration between Horizon Media’s WHY Group and Blue Hour Studios, which conducted a robust audit of 1,000+ pieces of Gen Z-generated content across popular apps and media to identify emerging themes, following by in-depth interviews with Gen Zers.

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