Google shares plan for 2022 midterm elections

Google shares plan for 2022 midterm elections
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Google has shared its plan for the 2022 midterm elections, highlighting several recurring features to make accurate election information easily accessible to users.

Google Search will roll out features to connect users with information about voter registration and how to vote, in partnership with nonpartisan and nonprofit data provider Democracy Works.

The tech company is also continuing to highlight its recent push to support local and regional news outlets, launching a new feature (pictured, main) to “find authoritative news coverage on local elections from a range of sources” in the coming weeks.

As with previous elections, Google is also working with The Associated Press “to present authoritative election results on Google”, and instituting ad policies that restrict the ways in which advertisers can target political ads

On YouTube, Google promises its “systems are prominently recommending content from authoritative news sources, while limiting the spread of harmful election misinformation”, and the video company will also show relevant election information panels at the top of YouTube search results and underneath videos related to election content.

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