Five key takeouts from the latest consumer ABCs

Five key takeouts from the latest consumer ABCs

Today, ABC released the latest consumer magazine data for the period to Dec 2020. The Mediatel Connected team has been busy analysing the figures and has identified the following interesting takeouts to share with readers.

1. In the battle to deliver men’s lifestyle magazine content online, T3 leads the way

The magazine recorded a total digital circulation of 22,971, up 18% on last year. Other titles are playing catch up, and BBC Science Focus has grown the most with an increase of 159%, giving it a digital circulation of 12,350.

2. During a time in which TV has been a lifeline for many…

…it is slightly surprising to see that all TV listings magazines have seen their total print and digital circulations decline year-on-year (YoY). Perhaps the rise of VoD is playing a role here.

3. Lockdown and the consumer craving for something interesting to do has benefited some titles

Gardening has done particularly well in increasing both print and digital circulations. BBC Gardener’s World saw a 28% increase in print circulation YoY to a circulation of over 210,000, whilst both Garden News and Garden Answers also saw their print circulations increase YoY. Meanwhile, digital circulations for home interest titles have shown healthy increases, albeit from lower bases.

4. While digital circulation continues to help bolster total circulation figures, there are some exceptions where print has held its position or has grown

For example, Style at Home‘s print circulation enjoyed a year-on-year increase of 5.1%, Stylist has seen a small increase of 0.2% and as parents clamour to educate their children (a.k.a get some peace and quiet), The Week Junior has gone up by 36%, giving it a print circulation of 98,246.

5. And in our final finding…

…why not take advantage of working from home in the evening, look up and relax with a copy of BBC Sky at Night – a magazine that has seen a 19.6% year-on-year increase in its total print and digital circulation.

Read a full break down of the figures for all titles in each category here: TV Listings; Women’s Lifestyle; Women’s Weeklies; Men’s Lifestyle; News & Current Affairs; and Home Interest.

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