E.l.f. Beauty makes history with first-ever real-world commerce on Roblox

E.l.f. Beauty makes history with first-ever real-world commerce on Roblox

E.l.f. Beauty is shaking things up! The company has announced a groundbreaking expansion of its partnership with Roblox, becoming the first beauty brand to integrate real-world commerce, powered by Walmart, into the popular gaming platform.

A shoppable experience for Gen Z

Through a virtual kiosk within their immersive “E.l.f. UP!” experience, E.l.f. is allowing US users aged 13 and over to purchase a limited-edition, cruelty-free “E.l.f. UP! Pets Hoodie.” This exclusive item celebrates the brand’s commitment to animal welfare and features a character from the virtual experience. In addition to the hoodie, users can also purchase a selection of other E.l.f. products, including vegan lip gloss and SPF creams.


Leveraging Walmart’s experience

This innovative move leverages Walmart’s expertise in Roblox commerce, building upon their own “Walmart Discovered” experience. For E.l.f., it’s a chance to deepen engagement with their Gen Z audience, a demographic that makes up a significant portion of Roblox’s daily active users (over 71.5 million). Launched in late 2023, the E.l.f. Up! experience has already garnered over 12 million visits and boasts a 96% positivity rating. 

More than just shopping

E.l.f. is also committed to giving back. With each purchase, users will receive a “virtual twin” digital item for their Roblox avatar, designed in collaboration with popular Roblox creators. This not only adds a layer of fun but also fosters a sense of community and shared creativity. Additionally, the beauty brand is donating $50,000 to the Humane Society of the United States, further solidifying their dedication to animal welfare. ”Testing commerce on Roblox is the next evolution in our journey of merging beauty with immersive platforms. We are teaching the Roblox community – and communities in digital spaces everywhere – about social commerce with purpose. Our community deeply values our superpower of cruelty-free products. Through the e.l.f. UP! Pet Adoption Center, we’ve learned how essential this superpower is, shaping our approach in this space,” said Kory Marchisotto, Chief Marketing Officer, e.l.f. Beauty.

E.l.f.’s continued innovation

This isn’t E.l.f.’s first foray into innovative marketing strategies. They’ve recently launched a beauty shopping app for Apple’s Vision Pro, showcasing their commitment to staying ahead of the curve. With their latest move on Roblox, E.l.f. is proving to be a leader in the evolving landscape of beauty commerce.

The Future of Shopping: Immersive and Social

Both E.l.f. and Walmart see this as a significant step towards the future of shopping. It demonstrates the potential for brands to connect with consumers in immersive and interactive ways, blurring the lines between the physical and virtual worlds.


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