Daily Mail unveils new global video strategy

Daily Mail unveils new global video strategy

The Daily Mail has announced a new video offering, inclusive of original video franchises, that will roll out on YouTube and other social video platforms over the course of the next year.

The Media Leader understands the publisher has more than 20 shows in development.

Videos will range in length from 15 to 30 minutes, with subjects including entertainment, news, sports, true crime and royals.

Global Video Studio DM (002)

A new commercial offering, dubbed “Global Video Studio”, has been developed in tandem. Advertising partners will be given access to the Mail‘s studio team via its global commercial sales staff. They will thus be able to develop in-house integrations with Mail-produced video content.

In addition, the Mail will offer brands the opportunity to sign onto premium sponsorships and commerce-focused “playlists” with Q&A and Live experiences across the video portfolio.

“People are obsessed with video, and publishers are extremely well-positioned to create and distribute that video across phones, computers and connected TV, on a global scale,” Tony Manfred, the Daily Mail‘s global head of video, said.

“As master storytellers and content creators, with a huge breadth of quality content expertise and capabilities, we are incredibly excited about and committed to becoming the world’s most popular video publisher.”

The announcement is the latest development in the Mail‘s growing video strategy. In March, the publisher unveiled a full-service video proposition called Edits with the goal of helping brands to advertise against its vertical video content created for MailOnline and on its social media accounts.

The Mail boasts of being the largest publisher on TikTok, with over 13m followers and one billion monthly views. On YouTube, the Mail‘s videos receive over 125m monthly views.

With new shows in development, the publisher is doubling down on its video strategy with an increased portfolio of content and more commercial opportunities.

Dominic Williams, Mail Metro Media’s chief revenue officer, added: “As growth in video consumption continues, we’ve adapted to give our global audiences the most captivating stories, and now advertisers have access to our premium video production capabilities.”

He continued: “We’ve already seen huge audience growth across social platforms and have the media ecosystem to support this brand-new proposition, engaging younger and more diverse, as well as existing loyal audiences, with the Daily Mail brand.”

In addition to leaning into video, the Mail has also developed a large podcasting team and is formally going after gaming audiences, with an emphasis on using TikTok to reach younger, especially female gaming enthusiasts.

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