Consumer ABCs: Women’s Weeklies

Consumer ABCs: Women’s Weeklies

Bauer’s Take A Break has retained highest total circulation in the women’s weeklies market, according to the latest consumer ABC figures.

The total print and digital circulation (gross) for Take A Break was at 325,850 in December 2021.

There were no positive gains across total combined circulation or print circulation across titles, except for Hello which saw a 5.9% rise overall. However, several titles experienced strong digital growth.

Heat and Hello had the biggest increase in total digital circulations. Heat almost doubled with 97% growth to 16,499, while Hello also grew strongly by 87.3% to 31,962.

Mediatel Connected has compiled the latest ABC consumer magazine data for the period to June 2021 in the following table for the Women’s Weeklies market. To view the table, please login or and visit the Press app in Mediatel Connected to explore further.

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