Collaboration a key driver in radio’s digital transformation

Collaboration a key driver in radio’s digital transformation

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A recent global review of automation in the radio buying process by EGTA highlighted the need for digital transformation in some markets and offered advice from those that have already tackled the issue.

In a whitepaper, EGTA, the European association for television and radio sales houses, analysed advances in automation in markets including Germany, Switzerland, the UK and the US, and highlighted best practices and challenges throughout the buying process, from planning to booking and invoicing.

Automation was described as “a real opportunity for the business” that makes radio and audio easier to buy in “an increasingly complex media ecosystem”.

EGTA outlined advantages including better inventory management, reduction in time-consuming tasks, lower risk of errors, maximised efficiency, and keeping pace with how digital media is bought.

In particular, Adwanted’s J-ET and sister system Audiotrack were identified as examples of best practice in the UK with solutions like J-ET Copy+, J-ET Revelation, RAJAR API, J-ET Exchange and upcoming Dynamic Copy Delivery highlighted as key innovations.

Ben Knowles, product manager and CS manager, Mediatel said: “The key piece of advice we would give other markets is to work collaboratively and involve both buyer and seller in the process right from the beginning. Choose an independent supplier who you can work in partnership with and consider the funding model carefully, so the focus is on developing and supporting the best possible system for your market.”

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